Maintaining our teeth should be a priority in our day-to-day lives. In some cases though, despite our diligent efforts to maintain the optimal health of our teeth, we develop cavities or tooth decay. Fortunately, a dentist can remove the decay from the tooth and a “filling” is used to fill the empty space.

Traditionally, these fillings were made of metals – making their appearance obvious to others when you opened your mouth. This no longer needs to be the case. We offer our patients the latest technology and materials for fillings, providing natural looking, tooth colored fillings that help keep your mouth healthy and your confidence high.


tooth after cavity has been removed

Cavities are the result of decay in the tooth – this is generally caused by a number of carbohydrates that we eat on a daily basis, like bread, cereal, milk, soda, fruit, cake or candy that isn’t cleaned off the tooth. This food and the surrounding bacteria, combined with acid and saliva, create plaque which then begins to dissolve your enamel and creates holes in your tooth.

This decay can affect the outer coating of the tooth (the enamel), the inner layer (the dentin) and the center of your tooth which contains nerves and blood vessels (the pulp). In order to prevent significant damage, the filling halts further decay. A filling is simply the process of removing the decayed portion of your tooth and then “filling” it with tooth-like material.


We are pleased to offer metal-free, natural looking fillings that are the preferred choice for patients. Tooth colored fillings are made of tooth-like materials (like composite resins and porcelain) that not only look like your real tooth, but will react like a natural tooth as well. This gives you a healthier smile and ensures that no one else can see your fillings.

tooth-colored fillings

Here are some benefits of having natural tooth colored fillings:

  • New materials (as opposed to metal fillings) bond better with your existing tooth, helping to create a more secure connection and a more comfortable filling.
  • Dental porcelain material imitates the enamel part of the tooth (the part everyone can see).
  • In addition, these dental composite resins used in natural colored fillings mimic the natural dentin that is found in the inner part of the tooth – something that metal fillings could not do.
  • There is greater success in “restoring” your tooth using these composite resin/porcelain materials because they create an excellent bond with the existing enamel and dentin. Because of this, you’re not only getting a tooth that looks like the original, but will react like a natural tooth as well.


During a regular preventative check up with our dentists, our team may come across a cavity by performing normal services: probing your teeth, looking for soft spots and using x-rays to check between your teeth. Sometimes, you might have a hunch that there’s a cavity there.

tooth-colored fillings

Experiencing a toothache or feeling some sensitivity when you eat or drink something that is sweet, hot or cold are possible indicators. You might even be able to spot dark decay spots. Once a cavity is identified, here are the main steps of the procedure:

  • The actual procedure itself can be done in one visit. Composite fillings do take a little longer than those of other materials. This is because once the decay is removed the tooth needs to be completely protected from saliva.
  • Once the area is prepared, our dentists will apply an adhesive followed by layers of tooth colored composite. Once in place, it will chemically harden and be cured for a moment with a special light.


At Dr. Quinn Family Dentistry, our priority is to help you maintain your healthiest and most beautiful smile. We pride ourselves in providing the latest in technology and options for your oral health. We invite you to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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